Landscape Architects are licensed professionals with a 5+2 years graduation + post-graduation degree course. Landscape Architects are experts in landscape design, environmental planning, and site management. Landscape Designers are artistic individuals with a deep knowledge of outdoor materials and textures, including flora and fauna. Many Landscape Designers are also horticulturalists, who understands plant palette and materials, where they grow best, and how they develop as they a mature.

Yes, we offer garden consultations. During this meeting, we will come over to your property, join you for a walk around the space, listen to what you’d like to accomplish with your remodel and begin to bounce some ideas around for the design. This is a great opportunity for you to determine whether you have a fit with us, and for us to see if you fits with us as a client.

Our designs ranges from small scale balcony landscape to complete outdoor living spaces in townships, campus landscape development for institutes, industries and hospitality sector. Whether you are starting from a blank slate or wishing to renovate or re-design an existing landscape to be more functional and sustainable.

Whether you want to keep your favourite plants in your new design or reuse all those plants, we can work with you to create a design that best suits your needs. When possible, we can reuse existing plant material in the new design. Just tell us what you love (and don’t love) about your landscape, and we’ll work with you to decide the best way to reach your goals.

A landscape design is a wise investment, but it can be costly to complete the whole design at once. Creating the entire design at once is the wisest choice to assure a cohesive design and vision for the project as it progresses. This landscape master plan can then be sectioned out into phases that can be installed in smaller portions as budget allows. The installation of the entire master plan may take 1 year – 5 years, or more depending on how long your wish list is.

You can choose to install all or part of your landscaping plan yourself. We are here to help guide you to find the best solution for you. We can advise what types of projects are best to hire a contractor for and what types of projects you may be able to tackle yourself. Either way, we can help you create a master plan to guide you or a contractor in the installation.

Clear communication regarding the estimated cost of the project and your budget is essential. We discuss a range of cost for both the design and the installation after first concept design with client. Most time final installation estimates are drawn up by a contractor based on the cost per square foot of installing areas of hardscape outlined on the plan for the space.

Pathways, patios, retaining walls and decks are generally more expensive than planted garden areas, so the more hardscape there is in the design, the more it’s likely going to cost to install. Plus, the materials used for hardscape can vary widely for both the product and the installation.

It’s best to have a conversation after first concept design with client about ways to reduce the cost of the landscape to stay on budget. We have ideas about where you can save money without compromising style, and what elements are worth a splurge.

The time it takes for a garden to grow in depends on the scope of the design, what types of plants are proposed and how mature the plants are when they’re planted. A smaller area with ornamental grasses and perennials can grow in within a single season, but larger and more complex designs with trees and large shrubs can take years to reach maturity.

If after our first consultation you are ready to move forward, we will begin working on your project right away. In some cases we will stay and begin with site analysis of your property the day of our consultation or plan a visit again for it if required. Once we get started on the design work we will typically have concepts ready to review within 1/ 2 weeks depending upon size and type of the project.

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